Mercedes GLE 2018


Our photographers have "spied" the prototype on the roads of the new generation of Stuttgart's full-size SUV

Today our photographers from Germany forward us the first spy pictures of the new generation of Mercedes GLE, whose debut is scheduled for 2018. Mechanically wise, the most important new could be the introduction of an "entry-level" version featuring a rear-wheel drive instead of the AWD, allowing to reduce the weight, a bit like BMW did with the new X5 Sdrive.

The "basic" version of the full-size SUV made in Stuttgart should weigh less than two tons. The exterior design looks different, more rounded, especially in the back where it reminds of its smaller sister, the GLC. It is said that the drag coefficient could reach the value of 0.3, which it isn't bad at all for an SUV of this size.

Last but not least, the engines which are partially new and revised in some parts, may offer a reduced fuel consumption by 20%.


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