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Next generation Ford Focus


Expected for 2018

Next generation Ford Focus

Here we are with first prototype of the new Focus now been spied in Europe. The new car won’t cost much more than the current model. Instead, it will offer more space and likely better features.

It is going to be based on a new chassis: longer than the current and also featured a longer wheelbase, allowing for more space inside the cabin as well as a better driving position. It seems that the 2019 Ford Focus will ditch all the naturally aspirated engines in favour of the EcoBoost powertrains, even in the US. The rumoured ST Focus would get to use a heavily updated 2-litre EcoBoost capable to offer close to 280 HP. What would be safe to assume is that car will be presented publicly at the end of 2017 and would be available for purchase during the first months of 2018.


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