Nissan new Leaf 2018


Next generation Leaf

Nissan new Leaf 2018

Here we are with some pictures for you: the second generation Nissan’s all-electric Leaf. Someone speaks about a driving range of well over 310 km in top-spec versions. The styling sees Nissan scrapping the vertical tail lamps. However, influences from the IDS concept, including the V-motion grille, body-side sculpting and possible floating-roof design, mean this Nissan model won’t be a dowdy wallflower.

Structural changes will allow a modular battery-pack architecture and fresh approaches to managing power flow and battery temperature will better serve the needs in extreme climates. It’s expected at least the top version to be compatible with speedier 150-kW fast chargers. ProPilot self-driving technology to be included along with a suite of attendant active-safety features.

The electric motor/generator will provide about the same amount of power: 107 horsepower, and the Leaf will again be front-wheel drive. There will be a choice between two—and possibly three—battery packs, starting at 40 kWh of capacity and likely topping out at 60 kWh. 


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